Wedding Backdrops for Photo Opportunies

A wedding celebration is a very important event in a couple’s life.

We help wedding couples create unique and personalized backdrops for their wedding.

So much energy, effort and creativity goes into this special day – and it’s definitely worth it.

So why not capture it in any way you can – photography and videography – not only of the bridal party but all of the guests, too!

A unique and custom step and repeat will help you capture this exciting day by adding entertaining memories for you to enjoy for years to come.

Photo Booths are very popular nowadays. Guests feel they can approach the booth and have wild and fun pictures taken of them. The Bride and Groom then get to look at all the pictures of the guests having a great time sharing in the celebration.

Without a photo booth, guests may feel inhibited about getting their picture taken from the photographer. The photographer may even miss taking pictures of certain guests.


You want to make sure all guests feel included in the celebration and a photo booth or backdrop is the best way to go.

Photo booths can cost anywhere from $1,000.00+.

Our step and repeat photo backdrops are custom, more approachable and visible and best of all, affordable.

A backdrop that has the Bride and Groom’s monogram, the wedding date, the location, and a mutual symbol of their love is really unique and makes the wedding even more memorable and special. The guests will love getting their pictures taken in front of this custom step and repeat wall.

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Some of our custom wedding backdrops


What’s great about these banners are that you can custom design them to fit with any wedding theme and match any wedding colors.

Here are some ideas below:

Dark blue/purple backdrop with monogram in center

Smaller logos: Bride and Groom’s first name, a heart

and the wedding date.


Same step and repeat as above but with a white background:


The bridesmaids and guests gather in front of this wedding step and repeat for wedding photos!

This couple had a unique idea to have bombs and butterflies in bright orange on their step and repeat. It also lists the first names of the bride and groom and the wedding date under each name.


This couple chose a Hollywood themed backdrop for their wedding celebration. Along the border, you see the first names of the bride and groom and the date of the weding.

Hollywood Land Themed Wedding Backdrop

Simple wedding photo backdrop with Bride and Groom’s name. Can be customized with any colors or design.


Here we have a unique colored background with elegant writing in the center. Evenly placed around the banner, we have the Bride and Groom’s first names with a heart, weding rings, and the date of the wedding:


What a beautiful step and repeat backdrop for a Lake Arrowhead wedding.

A scenic picture of Lake Arrowhead is faded in the background. The Bride and Groom’s names are centered on the front along with the location (Lake Arrowhead, CA) and the date of the wedding. “Mr. and Mrs. Jade” and “Nature of Love” logos are repeated evenly throughout this 8×10 backdrop.

Lake Arrowhead Wedding Backdrop

Below is our “Rent-a-Banner”. It is a generic wedding banner that can be rented out in the Los Angeles area at an affordable cost. It is not custom with any names, dates or locations. It is a very romantic, elegant and fun banner for any wedding on a budget.

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